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dusty cowboys                                                            click on images to play

The 1960’s iconic Western television dramas that illuminated America’s living rooms of today’s 80 million baby boomers provide the backdrop for this tale of lost friendship, love and life.

The story weaves the past and present of two, estranged , down and out veteran Western TV stars. One white the other black. The suspect death of their old show’s leading lady brings them face to face. Their thirty year old repressed emotions and unsettled score re-kindles the painful love triangle that tore their friendship apart and was the demise of their classic, long running show.

Their journey of vengeance puts fire back in their bellies, a taste of the bitter sweet life and great friendship they once shared.

For script & synopsis - stanley.schofield@gmail.com

dusty cowboys - flashback scene

The Aleesa, Cambell, Cotton love triangle.

dusty cowboys - promo

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